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Counselor Realty Believes in the Strength of Relationships

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In every issue of our magazine, one of our goals is to showcase Delta Media Group® customers who take a different approach to succeeding in the real estate industry, as well as those who have stood the test of time. Counselor Realty checks both of those boxes. Here, we'll look at what the Minnesota-based brokerage has done to foster over 50 years of business and how its agent first approach helps separate Counselor from the rest of the real estate pack.


A full-service brokerage and agent-owned company, Counselor was established in 1964. Since then, it's become one of the most trusted real estate names in Minnesota's Twin Cities and across the entire state with over 200 agents and 15 offices.

With a structure that President Andy Prashad likens to a co-op, or even similar to how an attorney would join a law firm, Counselor provides its agents with their own voice and the tools to use it. Not only for their success, but profit as well, even during the unusual circumstances presented by 2020. Prashad adds that Counselor prides itself on providing the best available "services to our they can, in turn, provide that service to their clients. We're all about agent support, very agent-driven, and agent focused."

While plenty of things have changed since Counselor Realty opened more than 50 years ago, the fundamental principles of the company remain as solid as ever. Throughout the ups and downs of the market, Counselor stays a strong, consistent presence across Minnesota, providing home buyers with a sense of confidence and security.

As a household name across the state, Counselor is also able to focus on opportunities for its agents. From shareholder options to sharing information based on a vast pool of experience, Counselor's continued success rests largely on their ability to foster collaboration and teamwork.

Says Marketing Tech Co-Chair Kevin Bumgardner, "You really do lean on agents around you. I recently told an agent, as a brokerage, we put agents first who put customers first. We are really geared toward the full-time full-service agent who plans to sell as their full-time job."

Read on to learn about the history of Counselor Realty and how 50 years in the business has only led to success across Minnesota.  

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