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10 Social Media Tips Sales Associates Can't Afford to Overlook

Real Estate Marketing & Technology

Tech-savvy real estate pros use social media sites to connect with the right audience at the right time. Even with minimal time and resources, you can build more online relationships and earn more clients.

Keeping this in mind, use this list of ten social media tips the modern sales associate can't afford to overlook.

  1. Prioritize Your Efforts
    The top 20 social media platforms attract 200 million monthly users each. Focus on these sites and use their strengths to your advantage.

    Facebook is ideal for building a community to stay in touch with former clients. LinkedIn provides commercial real estate opportunities. Toss in Instagram to publicize your stunning real estate photos. Twitter is a great place to connect with new prospects.

  2. Talk to People, Not at Them
    The simplest way to get noticed in social media is to be relentlessly helpful. Don't just advertise a product or service. Start conversations with those whose posts suggest they can use your expertise. That gets you more followers and a better reputation.

  3. Share Helpful, Informative Content
    Your other digital marketing efforts help you succeed on social, too. Sharing blog posts, property photos, and videos go a long way. This gives your audience the info they crave and makes it more likely they'll visit your site. That adds much-needed lead generation to your relationship building.

  4. Maintain Existing Relationships
    Supporting someone through the home-buying process takes lots of time and effort, but 70% of homeowners can't remember their sales associate's name a year later.

    Social media is the best way to check-in and keep relationships active. Couple social media with a Customer Relationship Management suite to remind you of important dates, like the anniversary of closing day. Then, tag those clients and say hi!

    The more you do, the easier it'll be to build a base of referrals.

  5. Use Your Time Wisely
    Let's get technical. At its heart, social media is as easy as clicking a button, but how the heck do you know your time is being used well? The answer is analytics.

    Analytics software grants a bird's-eye view of how people reach your website and what they do there. Top-quality analytics suites tie right into your social media, so you see which posts are most popular and which platforms lead to conversions.

  6. Use Hashtags for Local Content
    Hashtags are most famous on Twitter, but they appear on almost every social site. Their purpose is to clarify a post's topic and make it more discoverable in search.

    Hashtags are perfect for ensuring people browsing the local market can find you (#HoustonTX). They're also a terrific way to showcase different types of property (OrlandoBeachHomes).

    Stick to one or two short, specific tags per post. Avoid general tags like #RealEstate unless you're on a platform, such as Instagram that encourages lots of hashtags.

  7. Spread Photos, Videos, and Virtual Tours
    Of everything on social media, visual content gets the most likes and shares. Property photos taken in good lighting with professional equipment are the most effective.

    After photos, videos are the most appealing for followers interested in finding a home. A virtual walkthrough of a property stokes excitement to see it in person.

    Last, but not least, don't overlook infographics. Infographics can memorably convey lots of information – they're ideal for helping your audience stay informed.

  8. Be Consistent About Posting
    Consistency makes you a more familiar and authoritative voice in your social sphere. When you first get started on social, make one post daily. As you tune into your audience's needs, aim for three posts a day at peak browsing hours. Remember, you can schedule updates in advance.

  9. Broaden Your Horizons
    Not all content you post has to be laser-focused on properties, buying, and selling.

    Some of the most popular social posts have nothing to do with real estate at all!

    For example, when you post about your favorite restaurants, museums, or even sports teams, you show off your local credibility. You're also educating readers about what makes your area special.

    For bonus points, include photos or videos of yourself visiting special locations throughout your market. Done right, this can give your posts the personal touch that fosters trust.

  10. Celebrate Your Successes
    Leads want to see that others like them recommend you. Share testimonials from thrilled customers in written or video form. You can set up your videos so watchers can visit your site in one click or even set an appointment with you. The more success stories you share, the better.

As the name suggests, social media is all about being social! Take a genuine interest in others and how you can help. You don't have to be a tech wiz to spark relationships--JUST BE YOURSELF!

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