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TRAINING, TOOLS & TACTICS: Landing Your Next Listing Presentation

Harley Wolfarth

Plain and simple, I'm a tech guy. The art of selling is just beyond me. Ask me to sell an old car on Craigslist and watch me go pale; it's embarrassing. Probably one reason I'm don't sell homes for a living. However, I do know about the tools and technology involved in helping sales associates succeed in the real estate business.

There's a lot of nuance and expertise involved when it comes to listing, marketing, and ultimately selling a home. As a real estate professional, your goal is to do everything you can to sell your clients' homes with the fewest headaches along the way.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I say that, as a listing agent, every closing starts with getting the listing. Fortunately, I can tell you about several tools available to you within the DeltaNET 6 platform that covers all the bases of the selling process to get that next listing and set you well on your way to getting that next closing.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) System

Our journey starts with the (AVM) system. This system is as much about obtaining your seller leads as it is about compelling a prospective seller to take the next step.

On the homepage of your Delta Media Group website, a user can enter a property address and instantaneously get back up to three automated valuations for their home from three different sources. If a homeowner is on the fence about moving, associating an actual dollar value with that decision can be all it takes to push you over the edge. Those values essentially validate themselves by coming from multiple sources and openly displaying their estimated ranges.

Market Watch Report

Additionally, the user can sign up for a Market Watch Report to keep them up to date about the property values in their area, see a rough number of buyers looking for homes like theirs, and even see historical market statistics all on that same page. As an added benefit, even if a prospective seller chooses not to reach out to you for more information or sign up for a Market Watch Report at that time, the property address they entered is still captured by the platform. Consequently, this allows you to send them physical mailings or flyers in case they decide to go through with listing their home sometime in the future.

Reverse Prospecting Report

The Reverse Prospecting Report provides a way for you to quickly and easily get a ballpark estimate of how many customers might be interested in a property before you list it. This report includes customers both in your database and the databases of any sales associate in your brokerage.

It doesn't show you the contact information for those customers, but rather a representation of them. When you make a listing presentation to a prospective seller, you can show them the number of actual customers who could see their listing via existing saved searches and Market Watch Reports.

All of that comes from just entering their property address and letting the DeltaNET6 system do the legwork.

Pre-Announced Exclusive System
The Pre-Announced Exclusive System takes the concept of a Reverse Prospecting Report to the next level. It allows you to enter a property address along with the other standard information for a listing (beds, baths, price, home size, etc.). It performs a search for customers that would be interested in that property if it was listed.

The Pre-Announced Exclusive System allows you to take the process one step further by contacting those customers via a system-generated, automated email presenting the property to relevant customers before being placed on the market. The system sends the email on behalf of the customer's agent with the proper verbiage indicating it's an automated email, so there's no confusion for the customer or their agent.

Once the property is listed on the market officially, those customers will see it again when it shows up on their saved searches and Market Watch Reports.

Seller Reports
The Seller Report updates your client regularly with information about what's happening with their listing. Once the listing is on the market, you can automate the sending of these reports to sellers to communicate traffic stats from your website and the company website, including search engine crawlers.

Depending upon options and integrations chosen by you and your company, you can include traffic stats, marketing information, competing listings, area open houses, showings, and showing notes you've recorded in DeltaNET 6.

Your Delta Media Group Toolbox
If you are already a Delta Media Group customer, you have these tools and more available to manage your website, CRM, and marketing using the DeltaNET 6 platform.

And when it comes to landing your next listing presentation, you have all the tools necessary to demonstrate to prospective sellers that listing with you means that they already have buyers waiting on standby to buy their home.

You have the best tools to effectively market their listing, the resources to target the right buyers, and the expertise to get them the highest price the market will support.

After all, you're working with Delta Media Group. What shows a better level of expertise in real estate marketing and technology than that?

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