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RESO Sets the Standards High for Real Estate Technology

Noel England

You might not think about it much when you're sending an email, designing your website, or working on the perfect home listing, but every piece of real estate technology has to work together to be effective.

When technology works, we never think about the thousands of ways apps "talk" to each other. Work that might seem simple s stunningly complex, and your computer can execute thousands of commands each second.

It can be fun to think about, but how does it all affect real estate?

Over the last decade, an explosion in new real estate technology has made it easier to grow your business and find the right leads for you. But none of it happened by chance: It all started with the work of real estate and technology professionals who decided to work together.

Not that long ago, there were virtually no standards for real estate Customer Relationship Management or many other tools we use today. All of that changed thanks to a single organization called RESO.

Read on to discover how RESO makes it easier for real estate organizations to push the boundaries of technology.

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