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TRAINING, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES: Training in the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM

Harley Wolfarth

Being an effective trainer can be challenging in the best of scenarios. I won't dive deep into the art of teaching here (and make no mistake, it really is an art), because that's a very big topic in its own right, and I'm certainly not the authority there anyway. Nevertheless, in its purest form, I see training as breaking a complex action down into a series of easily digestible steps. Anyone that follows those steps can then perform that action, regardless of how complex it is.

But, what if you're training a group of people that could all potentially follow different paths to complete the same action. Not because there are several ways of doing the same thing (though there are), but because each user may have created their own path based on the workflow that best suits them. They may have even removed paths that were accessible to them at one point because, at the time, they believed they wouldn't need them. Those things are possible in the DeltaNET™️ 6 CRM platform.

Read on to discover how the DeltaNET 6 CRM platform makes training your sales team easier.

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