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Are You Making the Most of Social Media?

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Our 40 Favorite Social Media Posts to Share

Your social media pages are prime spots to build better connections with current and prospective clients––if you know how to get their attention. We've compiled a list of 40 favorite social media posts to share on your social media pages.

Attract Buyers and Promote Your Latest Listings

  1. Share your "Listing of the Week" to highlight properties and generate engagement.
  2. Link to the listing search function on your site to connect buyers with their ideal homes.
  3. Integrate MLS search so buyers can click through from listing profiles directly to your website.
  4. Promote website content for buyers like home shopping how-to guides, market reports, and blog posts.
  5. Let buyers know when you'll be hosting in-person open houses, or going live with virtual open houses.
  6. Highlight price reductions to help buyers find great deals on homes.
  7. Infographics never go out of style, so be sure to share the best ones that you find.

Show Sellers How You Can Help Them Find the Best Offers

  1. Share market reports and provide context that helps buyers understand how they fit into long term trends.
  2. When you help a seller close, create a post to congratulate them and show other potential sellers that you can close the deal.
  3. Promote your best home preparation content to help sellers clean, organize, and stage their homes.
  4. Post testimonials from satisfied clients to show new prospects the quality of service they can expect from your firm.
  5. When you read or watch interesting real estate content that could help sellers, bookmark it, and share it with your social media audience.
  6. Link to your sold listings page, and create social posts that highlight your best recent sales.

Promote Neighborhoods and Communities

  1. Connect buyers with your neighborhood guides to help them find the perfect place for their next home.
  2. Share info on exciting events in your markets – especially events that you're planning to attend.
  3. Showcase the best local businesses in your markets, letting clients know where to dine, shop, and enjoy nearby attractions.
  4. Promote local parks and outdoor spaces for clients who love to spend time outdoors.
  5. Let clients know about local charities doing great work in your communities, and how they can get involved.

Behind the Scenes and the Lighter Side of Real Estate

  1. Don't forget that social media is supposed to be fun, too! If you have a funny real estate story to share, turn it into a social post,
  2. When you attend a local event, take pictures, make notes, and turn it into a post that shows clients how much fun they can have in your communities.
  3. Post useful tips for young people interested in a real estate career.
  4. Have a big career milestone coming up? Give clients the inside scoop and let them celebrate with you.
  5. When you have a nugget of advice that doesn't require a longer piece of content, turn it into a social post.
  6. Local trivia questions can be a great way to generate engagement and highlight your neighborhoods.
  7. Share your favorite motivational quotes on real estate and life.

Seasonal Posts and Special Events

  1. Is your office located near the beach or the mountains? Posting beach, surf, and snow reports connect clients with your communities.
  2. Every neighborhood has traditions for annual holidays, and sharing those traditions provides an endless supply of content.
  3. Are you sponsoring a holiday event? Make sure all of your clients know about it.
  4. Share your favorite fall foliage, snow-covered winter landscapes, spring blooms, and summer scenes from local neighborhoods.
  5. Are there holiday events coming up geared especially for kids? Clients love learning about events that can entertain their little ones.
  6. During the holidays, scout out the best light shows in town and share the details.
  7. Do your neighborhoods have any local holidays or events that aren't celebrated in other places?

Home Improvement Tips

  1. Create posts that help sellers understand what to do – and what not to do – when improving their home before a sale.
  2. Help buyers settle into their new homes with tips for DIY projects and routine maintenance tasks.
  3. Post home features from listings to give clients inspiration for their own projects.
  4. Create posts to help clients prepare their homes for seasonal weather changes.
  5. Share ideas for home decorating on a budget.
  6. Link to the latest real estate news and trends.
  7. Discuss the latest trends and upcoming advancements in smart home technology.
  8. Generate engagement with Q&A sessions that allow you to demonstrate expertise and help clients.

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